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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 03:17:46PM +1000, Aussie wrote:
> On 8 Jun 01, at 12:54, Horms wrote:
> > It is true that historicaly bandwidth has been very expensive here, but
> > with the advent of Southern Cross that is slowly changing.  The cost of
> > broadband here in Sydney, though more expensive that what I was paying in
> > the states, isn't that much more. The cost of some things, particulalry
> > consumer goods are also a little bit cheaper over there. But when it comes
> > to day to day costs like rent (or buying a property), food, transport, even
> > petrol, we're cheaper here.
>   Petrol cheaper here? Last price I heard (NY state), was petrol was the
>   exhorbitant price of $1.05 a gallon. Roughly working that out, I get
>   around 50c a litre. 

I don't know about that, bit its > $USD2 / gallon in San Francisco.
Given that the petrol station down the road from me is 90c / litre,
I think we're about the same, if not a bit better off here.

> > It is true that America does get a lot of infastructure, like cable
> > before Australia. It is also true that this is largely due to the size
> > of the markets. But it is also true that they tend to rush out and
> > implement the first technology available, where as here we often get
> > the benifit of rolling out 2nd or 3rd generation technology. The Mobile
> > phone network in the USA is a good example, its there, its pretty
> > cheap, but is has the coverage of an umbrella made from a fly screen.
>   It is also true that many ADSL/Cable customers in America are unhappy
>   with their service levels. I cannot recall how many people I have
>   spoken to that have been promised X but only been given Y (often Y =
>   X/2), so that while many more opportunities exist for higher-speed
>   internet, the customers are not being given what they have been
>   promised and paid for.  Pray, meditate, hope, beg, whatever, that
>   Australia's higher-speed internet does not sink to this level.

I can attest to that. My DSL in NY was finally scheduled to be hooked up
the day I left. 


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