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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

On 8 Jun 01, at 12:54, Horms wrote:

> It is true that historicaly bandwidth has been very expensive here, but
> with the advent of Southern Cross that is slowly changing.  The cost of
> broadband here in Sydney, though more expensive that what I was paying in
> the states, isn't that much more. The cost of some things, particulalry
> consumer goods are also a little bit cheaper over there. But when it comes
> to day to day costs like rent (or buying a property), food, transport, even
> petrol, we're cheaper here.

  Petrol cheaper here? Last price I heard (NY state), was petrol was the 
exhorbitant price of $1.05 a gallon. Roughly working that out, I get around 50c 
a litre. Where in Australia are you buying petrol for 50c a litre? I want some!
  The Southern Cross cable has greatly improved Australia's bandwidth woes, no 
longer do we need to pay outrageous prices to Telstra based on their claim that 
they are charged for both incoming and outgoing bandwidth. SCC has made their 
claims outlandishly foolish and this will only benefit the end consumer. Will 
the general population get fast internet service across Australia? Not in the 
next 5 years, probably not in the next 10 years. However, we need to remember 
what the internet was like in Australia 5 or 10 years ago.

> It is true that America does get a lot of infastructure, like cable before
> Australia. It is also true that this is largely due to the size of the
> markets. But it is also true that they tend to rush out and implement the
> first technology available, where as here we often get the benifit of
> rolling out 2nd or 3rd generation technology. The Mobile phone network in
> the USA is a good example, its there, its pretty cheap, but is has the
> coverage of an umbrella made from a fly screen.

  It is also true that many ADSL/Cable customers in America are unhappy with 
their service levels. I cannot recall how many people I have spoken to that 
have been promised X but only been given Y (often Y = X/2), so that while many 
more opportunities exist for higher-speed internet, the customers are not being 
given what they have been promised and paid for.
  Pray, meditate, hope, beg, whatever, that Australia's higher-speed internet 
does not sink to this level.


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