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Re: [SLUG] Whats the go with this list ?

On  8 Jun, Matt Allen wrote:
> Hey all,
> Im guessing the ratio of men to women on this list is like 95:5 at best, but is it just me or have we all got a bad case of PMS ?
> It seems that no-one can ask a question anymore without getting their arse bitten off for some reason or another.
> Lately ive been changing over the the slug mailbox in mutt for a laugh, its like like a friggen year 8 "im better than you" yelling match.
> Anyone else feel like this should be year8girls@nospam.slug.org.au?

Year 8 girls show a lot more subtlety and a lot less stupidity than you.


 Acephali \A*ceph"a*li\, n. pl. [LL., pl. of acephalus. See Acephal.] 1. A
fabulous people reported by ancient writers to have heads.

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