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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 08:15:29PM +1000, Heracles (heracles@nospam.earthling.net) wrote:
> DaZZa wrote:
> <snip>
> > Why? Why should I be forced to get RSI from rolling a mouse, invest more
> > and more into video cards to keep up with the growing trend to drop
> > support for older stuff, bloat my OS with a GUI I barely ever use just to
> > make convention more pleasant for people who are too lazy or too stupid to
> > recognise a command line when they see it?
> "Some say coming down out of the trees was a big mistake.....  And there
> are those who say we should never have come out of the sea in the first
> place"
> Happy swimming Dazza

Thats rude.
DaZZa has his opinion and so do you.

I can *AND* cant at the same time undesrstand what his argument is.
If Linux is continuing in the same way as it is in the moment there is
a danger that we end up like Windoooooze. 

On the other hand GUI;s do provide some nice features. I love sed,grep,
perl,ngrep,tcsh,pipes, redirection,history and so may more fetures that 
are given by the commandline but yet "ksysv" saves me a lot of time 
changing the boot setup .....


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