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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 08:19, DaZZa wrote:

> The sole and only reason I don't already have O@nospam.H is that the installation
> fee is ridiculous _unless_ you sign up for a 12 month contract.
> I can't guarantee I'll be living in this house in 12 months. And I don't
> want to pay $600 to get the installation done.

The $600 is a lot, but it includes the cable modem and 4-5 hours of work for
the technician...not that I paid it, I got a contract!
What you can do is get the 12 month contract which I think is $200 install
and then if you move, ask for a "move and follow" where they'll install the
service in your new house for $80 (don't quote me on that, but it's about
right) on the same contract. That's what I'm planning to do when I move.
(I was a customer before I was an employee).

heh, I was with zip too about 5-6 years ago :)


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