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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Jon Biddell wrote:

> What I plan to do is to have my Linux posters up, my "Windows Free Zone" 
> crime-scene tape on the workstation, and the work PC booting off a SuSE Live 
> CD (so I don't have to screw up even more an already knackered and feeble 
> Windows 2000 workstation).
> Should be good for a few laughs...:-)
> Any other suggestions ?

When they ask to look at what software you have around the place,
replace the CDROMS in the windoze packaging with Linux CDs ;)

BTW, I actually don't think they're legally entitled to enter your premises 
at all - they're not the police and they do not have a search warrant.

Where does it stipulate in their contract with your company that 
they may legally enter your premises for a software audit? 

You can legally refuse entry to any person you desire AFAIK, although IANAL ;)


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