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[SLUG] optus-cable debian install

Hey sluggers,
I have dug on google and search the archives and i can't find any answer to
this specific problem.

I am trying to set up a another debian box here to use as a gateway. I
wanted to install directly off the web as I have a optus@nospam.home connection and
no cds or cdburner.
I have booted off the rescue disk and worked through the install up to the
part where i need to get the network card working.
The default DHCP request from the debian installer fails of course, so I
switch to the second console and attempt to use pump manually to try get an
IP address.
If I do a pump -h co3xxxxxx-a -i eth0 It doesn't work. Console 4 spits out a
PUMP: sending discover then a whole lot of breq: dhcp messages like opcode
hw etc.
It doenst get any reply. I know the network card works and I have link etc,
I just don't know why pump doesnt work.

Any hints?



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