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Re: [SLUG] Apology


I am appalled.

What a sorry state we find ourselves in when we find people 
flaming a young fellow whose is desperately seeking employment.

It must be so easy to ignore the plight of those less well off when 
one brings home a weekly paycheck.

Yes, this list IS for the discussion of Linux related topics.  I have 
been subscribed for some time now and often suffer the idle chatter 
and general garbage in a tolerant silence.  I would argue that young 
james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com, and his cry for employment is much 
more relevant to this list than some of rhe hypocrytical twaddle that 
passes for "informed comment".  And if you disagree, then you 
either have a heart of stone or have never been unemployed and so 
desperate to find a job that you would risk the public 
embarrassment associated with a posting of his type.  And for the 
record, I dispute that his posting could be regarded as an 
advertisment except by the most hard-headed and boring cynic.  I 
would categorise it as a cry for help from a list of (typically more 
fortunate) peers, and as this list is meant to help people who are 
interested in Linux, I would argue that james' cry for help fits the 
mould perfectly.

To you james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com, I wish you good luck in your 
quest for employment.  Keep up the work and don't be 
disheartened or put off by those less tolerant than the majority on 
this list.

A word of advice (from one who has been a part of this industry for 
over 30 years): Get on the phone and ring every company you 
would wish to work for.  Talk to the personnel officer and seek 
employment in your chosen discipline or in a discipline close to it.

You will most likely find that you are surprised by the response.  It 
can be a bonus for a company to pick up an employee in such a 
fashion, you see if you were to seek employment through a 
professional employment agency. they will charge your employer a 
minimum amount equivalent to three months of your salary, and 
not just that, but then there is the time spent by management in 
interminable interviews which cuts into their productivity.  Give it a 
go, and don't lose heart.  Oh, and DO NOT send your resume 
unless they show some interest.


On 7 Jun 2001, at 22:52, james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com wrote about:
[SLUG] Apology

> Err, sorry everyone. I did subscribe with the intention of 
> Linux. As it happens I find myself in need of employment at the 
> time.
> I really, really didn't want to upset anybody. I'm losing weight and
> have barely enough money to eat... too much hacking, *cough* 
> *wheeeeze* I have subscribed to the jobs list now.
> :-(
> James
> [still trying to think up a good sig]

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