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[SLUG] Problem following Debian (testing) upgrade

Earlier today I upgraded another computer running Debian (testing).
Now I cannot log in.
Before upgrading I logged out from being a normal (non root) user then did 
ctrl+alt+F1 and logged in as root on VT1.  After logging in I did the usual
apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and then addeed a few new packages.  When
I had finished I did alt+F7 without logging out from VT1.  I discovered that
I could not login as ken or as root getting a "login incorrect" each time.  I
can not log in on another VT either.  I am still logged in as root on VT1 so I
can still work on the system.  I have tried "changing" the password of my user account back to what it was but still cannot login and I have created a new dummy account
but cannot log in to it either.
The system uses shadow passwords with MD5.
Can anyone suggest where I should start looking to isolate the problem?

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