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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

> >---------------------------------------------
> >"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to using
> >Microsoft products for mission-critical applications"
> >			     (What Yoda really meant to say)
> >---------------------------------------------
> Attribute quotes whenever possible -- esp. when you snarf them from me
> :)

No, your mentioned Windows NT by name - mine is more "generic".

Anyway, Let's Piss Microsoft Off Time...

Heard today that in about 6 weeks, after I return from leave, Microsoft or 
their paid minions are comming in to do a software audit. Or, rather, a 
licencing audit.

They will expect me or my colleague to allow them access to the server room 
and to have access to all machines - no bloody way. They will not touch !!!  
And I refuse to remove the boot-up password on my PC !!

What I plan to do is to have my Linux posters up, my "Windows Free Zone" 
crime-scene tape on the workstation, and the work PC booting off a SuSE Live 
CD (so I don't have to screw up even more an already knackered and feeble 
Windows 2000 workstation).

Should be good for a few laughs...:-)

Any other suggestions ?

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