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Re: [SLUG] Executing an Executable

This one time, at band camp, Debian User Adam Bogacki,,, said:
>   I copied Wordperfect 9 into /usr but when I try to execute in /usr it 
>I get the message "no such file".
>ls -l  tells me that 23730473 bytes of a file named WORDPERF IS IN /usr 
>but I cannot get it to run.
>chmod gives me

chmod gives you this?  You sure you don't mean 'ls -l'? :)

>-rwxrwx -x 1 root root 28641280 Jun 5 14:28 WORDPERF
		\- well, it's not readable by you, only root ;)

Exactly how are you trying to run it?  Clag a session from your shell,
with details of current directory, the exact command you type, and the
exact error message, back to the list.

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