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[SLUG] [OT] Slugger needs employment

Hi employing sluggers,

Young male, 21 looking for employment. Quite a broad range of programming
experiences, looking for opportunity to start to specialise (pref x86
assembler, or you teach me Sparc assembler).

I wrote my vita up with vi of course, so it's in UNIX newline style, but
just send me mail for MS Word format or WordPerfect. Get my vita from

I use Linux the most. I like BSD too. I keep Windows for legacy reasons,
friends sending big Windows-specific email attachments and so on. I also use
Windows when I'm paid to write software for it. I know the Win32 C API
pretty well, but no Windows C++ (MFC).

I am open to the idea of working with lone hackers in their garages like the
good ol' days, for example if you're a contractor working from home or
whatever and need a junior assistant. If you live in an expensive area I'll
need a room, since I can't afford accommodation in Sydney (and I wouldn't
pay those costs even if I could afford it... ;-), I'd live elsewhere and
travel to work.) If you can organise me a room, or I can put my sleeping bag
preferably next to my workstation so I don't have accommodation costs you've
got me full time (7 hours/day, 5 days/week) for $150/wk. Of course, you can
also have me as a remote assistant, I'll telnet into your server or
whatever. I can upload my work each week to FTP, if you've got no space for
my sleeping bag. I don't care much for anything except hacking assembler and
C/C++ on some kind of UNIX. That's all.

I do C, C++, and assembler (x86). I can also do Perl and Java, but my uses
for them are vanishing quickly. I like systems programming the most, and my
favourite activity is hacking assembly code all day and all night (if you're
willing to pay that overtime... ;-) ). I also write sockets programs.

C'mon, I know there are old Sluggers who are gurus and can afford to hire
me, give me a call!! My phone no. is at the bottom of this email, my vita
has a hyperlink above. You can send me mail as well.

If you're wondering if I'm any good feel free to give me a task to hack on
for a little while and I'll send you my results (code). Make it C/C++ with
inline assembler or plain old assembler only, I really like my assembler. I
have a lot to learn before I'm a guru but starting now that's where I'm
headed. I've been doing assembler for some 6 months. Give me a task for
Linux or Windows, your call. I've been doing C++ on and off for 6 years and
C for 3 years solid.

Send me mail: james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com
Or voice: (02) 6732 5884 (call anytime, I'll be up hacking until 3a.m. more
than likely, of course you are welcome to call at those weird hours!)

Over the next 2 or 3 weeks I'll be putting some short programs I've written
on my website, www.spunkysoftware.com. There's nothing there at the moment,
I'm still writing the programs. So keep an eye out if you're interested in
having a junior assistant to take some work off your hands.

Bye for now,

James Buchanan

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