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Re: [SLUG] Re: kdelibs in sid currently broken, 2.4.5?

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 11:04:50PM +1000, Angus Lees wrote:
> > Do you have a swap size 2 times your ram?
> bah. if you have 2Gigs of ram, requiring an additional 4Gigs of swap
> is ridiculous.

Yeap. From what I've read, you need at least more swap than ram
(most people are saying at least 2 x ram, though) or no swap at all.

Heres a Alan Cox quote:

Linus said 2.4.0 would need more swap than ram when he put out 2.4.0.

> if you have 4M of ram, you will need a lot more than
> 8M of swap to run the latest widget set.

> this is a rule of thumb that doesn't scale in either direction.

What ever works for you, I have less swap than ram and it works OK.
I'll quote Linus for you:

> > Well, here is a workload that performs worse on 2.4.0 than on 2.2.19pre,
> > The typical machine is a dual Intel box with 512MB RAM and 512MB swap.
> How does 2.4 perform when you add an extra GB of swap ?
> 2.4 keeps dirty pages in the swap cache, so you will need
> more swap to run the same programs...
> Linus: is this something we want to keep or should we give
> the user the option to run in a mode where swap space is
> freed when we swap in something non-shared ?

I'd prefer just documenting it and keeping it. I'd hate to have two fairly
different modes of behaviour. It's always been the suggested "twice the
amount of RAM", although there's historically been the "Linux doesn't
really need that much" that we just killed with 2.4.x.

If you have 512MB or RAM, you can probably afford another 40GB or so of
harddisk. They are disgustingly cheap these days.


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