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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

> Why then does New Zealand (that island just to the east of us with 1/3 our
> population) have such low ISP charges and such a great phone system? My
> lives in NZ, and he pays about 1/2 what I pay over here for equivalent
> Based on exchange rates, he *should* be paying about 15% more than I do.
> Population is NOT an issue here.

To say that population is not an issue is just silly. Look at any product or
service in any market; it will usually be cheaper in bigger countries such
as the USA. Economies of scale, supply vs. demand and all that other
economic stuff...

Thinking about it logically, the price difference might be explained like
It is very expensive to roll out a national network. DSLAM's, frame relay
tails etc. is all very expensive. Australia has about 3.5 people per square
km compared with NZ which has about 14 people per square km. So in
NZ, the carriers can geographically reach ~5 times the number of people
(proportionally). But in Australia most of the national population is
in the capital cities, so I guess that throws that argument out the window.

I heard that Australia wont have cheap digital TV's for many years.
Australia is using a different implementation of Digital TV and the chances
of any of the big multinational electronics makers churning out the "Aussie"
version of the TV's (in sufficient quantity to make it affordable - a
difficult thing
to do in a small market) is very slim.... Thanks Alston!

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