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Re: [SLUG] Calling all Regex champions

I'm assuming that other (sub)playlists don't refer back to
this Master one for the file's actual location, since they all
seem to have a reference to the file anyway.

Half of the idea was this was a project to cut my
teeth on with Python, and since I'm new to regex's as
well, I thought I'd lighten my load by getting someone else
to provide one.  Run script to update/fix my 20-30 different
playlists, and learn some more Python...

thanks though, with that and Jeffs tip its a good way
to keep the Master file current.

>>> jaq@nospam.spacepants.org 7/06/01 11:57:50 >>>
XMMS uses a plain text file in ~/.xmms/xmms.m3u to store the master

You can get the list of files into it by using find(1), e.g.:

find /usr/local/mp3 ! -name '/usr/local/mp3/mp3/*' -print >

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