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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at3Gb/month

To waste a little more bandwidth on this topic.

I have optus cable, I can download 10-15 gigabytes a month, the service seems
to work a large percentage of the time and download speeds are what I
consider good.
(usually 100Kbytes/sec from US). The cost is about $70 per month. Your
mileage may vary, but basically the optus service seems to work ok. Sure they
do some dumb things that piss people off, sure they have down time, and if
you try and call tech support after 8pm you are fooling yourself, but I can
download stuff easily, with good response times. I don't use the multiplayer
game sites, so have no view on that. I don't use news very often and there
seem to be 'oddities' with the mail server.

I was a reasonably content telstra user, until they started charging for
local traffic. Telstra have 'done it' to customers before, they really could
not care if they lose those customers they hurt. So be it, vote with your
feet and accept that their may be no great alternative, but Telstra won't get

International traffic costs ISPs real money. They have to recoup those costs.
Until that changes prices will never be as low as in the US. Live with it and


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