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Re: [SLUG] And the rest of Sid? Was: kdelibs in sid currently broken,

This one time, at band camp, Steven downing said:
>What's the rest of Sid like right now?
>Anyone know of any other packages causing havoc
>or is tonight an ok time to 'dist-upgrade' without
>breaking things.

I'm doing a plain upgrade right now, because dist-upgrade wants to
remove mozilla and galeon (which are from non-official repositories).
I'm going to investigate this after the update, and see if it's because
there are newer packages in the main repository, or that there's some
dependency that's being upgraded.

>How do other Debianites keep on top of what=20
>packages are being badly behaved in the testing
>and unstable branches, apart from tracking debian-user.
>I thought DebianPlanet might have a page where people
>could flag possible update problems, but I haven't found
>one yet....

I used to do some manual upgrades (apt would barf, and I'd cd
/var/cache/apt/archives/ and dpkg -i *) if it was necessary, but I've
not had any badly behaved packages in sid for a long time.

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