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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at3Gb/month

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Crossfire wrote:

> > 1 Debian ISO - 650 meg
> It costs less to buy these off of Anthony than to download them on any
> permemant connection plan offered by any ISPs I know of.

*If* anthony has them, and *if* I could be bothered either paying postage,
or travelling across the city to get them.

What you're saying is that we, Linux pioneers all, should give in and do
it the "acceptable" was?

Argument nullified. I do this because I can do it MY way.

> > 1 software .ZIP, downloaded 3 times because the shitty server it's on
> > corrupting it in transit - 120 meg.
> Stupid.

In your opinion. I happened to need the fucking software, and had no
option but to download it.

I'll thank you to keep your personal opinions out of messages directed at

> Basically, I don't give a damn about everybody whining about this.
> You've had it good, you've abused the service, and now you're
> complaining since Telstra is finally doing something to assert some
> reasonable quality of service for the rest of us.

Whups. Assumption time. You just made an ASS out of U and Umption.

I'll say this slow - I....Don't....Have...Broadband.

So you can shove your "you've had it good" directly where the sun doesn't

> All in all its still a damned good deal.

Crap. It's blatent profiteering. Check out Telstra's annual report, and
see just how much of their multi billion profit now comes _directly_ from
IP charges.

> Now stop whining and finally accept that you're still recieving a good
> service for the money, and that Telstra are being perfectly
> reasonable.

No, I won't.

See above. *I* am not receiving good anything. I'm being ripped off blind
just on phone charges - forget ADSL. Telstra are not being reasonable -
they're charging absolutely the maximum they can charge before someone
screams, and protecting their bottom line.

I repeat - providing a 3 gig cap and calling the connection "unlimited" is
false advertising, and should be challenged in court.

Pity nobody will have the balls - or the money - to do it.

DaZZa - 56k dialup, thank you very much.

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