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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

DaZZa was once rumoured to have said:
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Alister Waller wrote:
> > 3GB is loads for a home account.
> >
> > What would you want more for???
> Lessee.
> 1 Debian ISO - 650 meg

It costs less to buy these off of Anthony than to download them on any
permemant connection plan offered by any ISPs I know of.

> 1 kernel source tree download - 20 meg

Tiny.  You do it once.  Then you use patches therein.

> 1 software .ZIP, downloaded 3 times because the shitty server it's on
> corrupting it in transit - 120 meg.


> 1 set of upgrades for SuSE 7 - 65 meg

Accepted traffic.  and you only download this sort of bulk a few times
a month.  Its not like you're downloading the same 65meg of updates
every day.

Basically, I don't give a damn about everybody whining about this.
You've had it good, you've abused the service, and now you're
complaining since Telstra is finally doing something to assert some
reasonable quality of service for the rest of us.

All in all its still a damned good deal.

You pay less than the ADSL business customers, and they only get
500Mbs before they start paying.

You pay less for that 3GB of traffic than any BP:D customers.
(at the old 19c/meg for BP:D, thats $583 worth of traffic)

you have good bandwidth for burst activity (which is what I use my
ADSL for), and you get a `permenant' connection.

3GB is enough for daily web surfing, non-stop IRC, email, a bit of
games here and there when the leechers aren't burning up the
bandwidth, downloading debian updates, etc.

Now stop whining and finally accept that you're still recieving a good
service for the money, and that Telstra are being perfectly

They're trying to protect their own business *and* the quality of the
service for other customers (which has been declining steadily as the
number of customers has been increasing due to the increase in
acitivity which is making this sort of change necessary).  If you
can't accept that you are expected to act responsibly with such a
service, then you shouldn't be using it.

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