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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at 3Gb/month

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 09:50:13AM +1000, Alister Waller wrote:

> 3GB is loads for a home account.

not really.

i personally don't watch lots of streaming video, but i have
many friends who do.  the o@nospam.h standard 'homepage' has loads of
streaming videos: today's news, movie previews, etc etc, and
what's the use of broadband if you can't see any of that due to
your bandwidth constraints?

do i have to start clicking on non-Flash version of web pages if
i'm using my Windows box to browse, just because i have to be
concerned about saving bandwidth?

do i have to start buying ISO images of Linux distributions
instead of downloading them?  or if I run Windows and i'd like
to download all the service packs, that's only, what, a few
hundred meg?

as some people have noted, some people are known to pull down
more than 3GB per month on a _modem_.

but the worst bit of all this is that this meant to be an
'unlimited' plan.

i'm with optus@nospam.home.  i think i'm averaging about 1.1x the
norm at the moment, and i tell you what -- i easily pull down
2GB a month, if not 3GB.

> Its funny that people who are concerned about emails being in text and
> snipping off previous comments to save bandwith would be upset over a 3GB
> download limit. Thats a hell of a lot of text.


text != binary data.  i can point to a program i had to download
the other day which was a mere 50meg just for the setup.exe. 
that's about 2% of your bandwidth gone just for that download.

> We are very lucky in Australia to have hig speed internet connections easily
> available (in the cities) and at a reasonable cost. Try doing the same in
> the UK.

yeah, so let's just not have any progress and have no high speed
internet connections.  after all, we're the Lucky Country, so
let's try not to improve internet access for anybody, and count
our blessed stars that the broadband situation in Australia is
as 'good' as it is.

the 3GB cap is ridiculous.  at least Telstra should not be
calling it a 'freedom' plan.  and people who are on optus@nospam.home
(like myself) shouldn't take too much comfort either, since if
Telstra pull off this stunt, Optus could just be as big as
bastards and follow their lead.

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