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[SLUG] Re: Calling regex champions.

\begin{Steven downing}
> OK, well anyone with a better idea than me.
> Having moved all my mp3s, I need to update my XMMS playlists,
> BUT there are a couple which have been updated already.
> So, I want to match /usr/local/mp3/<whatever>
> BUT NOT /usr/local/mp3/mp3/<whatever>
> Yes, I've moved them all from /usr/local/mp3 to
> /usr/local/mp3/mp3     so I need to add that extra directory
> into the path in all the playlist files.

sed ',^/usr/local/mp3/mp3,b; s,^/usr/local/mp3,&/mp3,'

you may have to remove the "^"s or add a trailing "g" flag or something,
i don't know the xmms playlist format.

 - Gus

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