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[SLUG] Re: kdelibs in sid currently broken, 2.4.5?

> On Tue, Jun 05, 2001 at 06:28:45PM +1000, Andre Pang wrote:
> > on another note, has anybody else found that 2.4.5 is playing
> > weird memory games with the swapfile and is generally pretty
> > unstable?  i managed to completely freeze it just by running
> > 'Eterm -fn 9x15' (which is actually an invalid parameter now.)

i too have noticed 2.4.5 severely slowing down during heavy disk i/o
(like every apt-get upgrade). i didn't notice this with 2.4.4

> Do you have a swap size 2 times your ram?

bah. if you have 2Gigs of ram, requiring an additional 4Gigs of swap
is ridiculous. if you have 4M of ram, you will need a lot more than
8M of swap to run the latest widget set.

this is a rule of thumb that doesn't scale in either direction.

 - Gus

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