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[SLUG] C Programming HELP?

Wondering if any SLUG persons might be interested in helping me out with
some C programming to get started with a task at hand?

I have an I/O card which is used for industrial automation in switching
5vdc ttl inputs and outputs. This card is interfaced with a solid state
relay module which can switch 24vdc devices such as hydraulic solenoids.

I have the card up and running with a linux driver and with some hacking
(very rough at that) I have been able to test all my ouputs on the relay
A slight drawback is that I am a non-programmer and have been going
round in circles beating my head through trial and error on my own. What
would be really helpful is if someone could help me out with some simple
code so as I can for example turn each output on for one second each in
sequential fashion. This would give me a pretty good idea of how things
are working. I am aware that functions like sleep and usleep is required
for timer settings.
A professor in the USA who developed the Linux driver has suggested that
I need only change about 10 lines of code in his diotest.c (as part of
driver) to do the the simple task of switching on each output for one
second in sequential order. I have asked if he could help me to get
started but has indicated he is to busy and better that he not be the
sytem maintainer of my code. This is not what intended  though he did
suggest I make contact with my nearest LUG group_which leads to this
If anyone is interested in helping out with some C I would be more than
happy to fwd to you the driver, some sample code  and any relevant
documentation related to the card, and/or url/ftp pointers.
This work is a non commercial activity and any help would be greatly
You can check out the related web site at www.allshookup.org
Cheers all


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