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[SLUG] Re: Asynchronous I/O

> this is kiran.  I am using Red Hat linux version 7.0.  kernel
> version is 2.2.16-22.  i want to know does this support POSIX
> aio(aysnchrounous io calls).  He has given header file
> /usr/include/aio.h but when i use the functions aio_read or
> aio_write it is giving in compilation saying undefined reference.
> and i tried to find out the library for this aio.  but i am not able
> to.  so if any one knows about this please tell me, whether this is
> having aio support or how to make it work.

(currently) glibc emulates aio by using threads. thus, you may have to
link to -lpthread.

it would help greatly if you included the actual undefined symbols.

as matthew mentioned, the glibc info docs contain lots of useful
stuff. you should probably read further there.

(if you really want, you could run 2.4 and i think there's some
preliminary patches around to implement kernel aio)

 - Gus

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