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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

<quote who="Terry Collins">

> Sorry, Jeff. I didn't know that you actually contracted through agencies.

An idiotic, innaccurate retort on your part.

> I'll totally butt out of helping people find work on the Slug list now.
> You are obviously keen to take over the roll. Thank you.

I'd be quite happy for you to help people find work on the SLUG list, but
I'm personally (ie. not representing the committee) getting bored with your
*lack* of help, and ranting on the subject.

If there's work around, and it's worth sharing amongst our little community,
there's no harm done. *This* is precisely why there hasn't been a specific
section on jobs on the website: keeping on topic is a good enough "rule" to
satisfy most of us. [ Extra things like putting JOB in the title are simply
considerate. ]

- Jeff

     "On Tuesday I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with Zack and two     
             ladies whom I presume are gracious." - Seth Schoen             

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