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[SLUG] OT: One.Net scramble

For the information of SLUGers who may be seeking another ISP 
due to the collapse of One.Net, I offer the following which was sent 
to me by my ISP.  

While I am aware that SLUG does not usually welcome advertising 
copy, and I have not been guilty of this transgression in the past, I 
feel that the current circumstances One.Tel users find themselves 
in warrants the making available of this information as a public 
service.  In saying that, I want to make it clear that I do not have 
any relationship with AccSoft other than as their very satisfied 
client.  I can heartily reccommend their services.  And they are 
offering a one month FREE trial.  What have you got to 

Cynics may note that I would normally be eligible for a free month's
credit for every person who signs up as a result of my 
recommendation.   Because I have not made public my user id, 
prospective clients of Accsoft cannot fill in those details and I 
cannot be credited with any free time.


------- Forwarded message segment follows -------

One.Net Users

You're probably aware that the collapse of One.Tel has caused
turmoil in the industry and many Internet users of One.Net
(a subsidary of One.Tel) are faced with uncertainty in the
service they receive.

We are now offerring a one month free trial for One.Net users
transferring to Accsoft.  If you introduce a One.Net user to
join us, to show our appreciation, we'll give you one month
free access as well.

This offer will last until 30 June, 2001.

In order to be eligible for the free trial, we need to be presented
with proof of One.Net account ownership.  Please ask your friend to
send us a copy of his or her One.Net registration form or invoice
bearing the name and address same as those on the Accsoft 
registration form, and we'll credit one month of free access time to 
both the new user's and your account.

This special offer needs to be registered at the following page:


Please remember to ask your friend to fill in your user ID in the
"Introduced by" box so that we can credit your account with the one
month free access.


------- End of forwarded message segment -------

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