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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> It's a heads up from a SLUGger about a job that may assist one of our
> friends to find employment using Linux and Free Software.

If the list wants any slugger to post any job, then they should say it.

I only offered my 2c.
> The conspiracy theories are getting tiresome, and it's more important that
> we help each other than rant about probables.

Sorry, Jeff. I didn't know that you actually contracted through
agencies. I've only been doing contracting for five years this time, so
perhaps I don't share the depth of communication that you do with your
agencies. It is just that in discussion with long term staff at my main
agencies, all of whom have been in business from when I first contracted
15 years ago, admit that this advertising for resumes does go on and
being asked to fill "non-existant jobs" by companies can be up to 50% of
the jobs that they advertise. They find it as tiresome as I do. At least
by having a slugger personally vouch that the job exists, this saved
other sluggers a lot of wasted effort.

I'll totally butt out of helping people find work on the Slug list now.
You are obviously keen to take over the roll. Thank you.

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