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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

<quote who="Jobst Schmalenbach">

> I have to say (without wanting to start a Frame War) that frames greatly
> reduce the amount of traffic generated. If you have three frames:

Frames are a user interface nightmare for many reasons, the most obvious
being the inability to deeply link easily, print (yes, some browsers have
well-designed interfaces for this), and save.

Thank $DEITY that newer standards are completely demolishing the idea of
frames. XHTML Strict, here we come!

[ It is better to save precious bandwidth by designing pages better, using
less images, and gzipping the data if the client supports it. Breaking the
UI is no excuse for ill-conceived design. ]

- Jeff

       "A rest with a fermata is the moral opposite of the fast food        
           restaurant with express lane." - James Gleick, Faster            

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