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Re: [SLUG] Proxy blues

On Tue, Jun 05, 2001 at 06:51:43PM +1000, Laurie Savage wrote:
> I cannot get through the Dept of Education Proxy server with Lynx or 
> Konqueror. The general setting given a school's ID is
> http://pac.xxx.yyy.zzz.au/schools/schoolid-xyzetc.pac
> Netscape under Linux can do this. Has anybody any ideas about getting 
> through a PAC setup. The Sydney admin people don't know/don't 
> care - I'm not using 

I did a search on google for "schools 'pac file'" and there are lots of
links to follow from Linux In Australian Scools list. 
One link, for Qld schools may help:
Lots of others too.

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