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Re: [SLUG] USB Modems.

...and then terminator@nospam.telstra.easymail.com.au said:
> I am quite new to this group but I am committed to operating in a Microsoft free environment. I just have a few problems.

An admirable goal, indeed.

<beefy system spec snipped> 

> Can I some how use my USB devices through Linux (Red Hat 7.1?) I really need my modem and my zip drive working. I did find out how to get the zip drive working...but misplaced the printout.
Yes!  And you'll probably find it works slightly better than under Windows.

Make sure you're using the latest 2.4 kernel, and the rest is
straightforward.  www.linux-usb.org is your friend.

> Can anyone please help me to get my USB modem working. It's an Acer 56 USB.
You are new, aren't you? :-)  There was a thread on USB modems just a few
days ago.
However, The Acer may be a little more difficult.  The best I've been able
to get from google, is that this time last year, it was correctly
identified, but although the chipset manufacturor claims linux support, it
does not actually function yet.

Things just happen.  What the hell.
                -- Didactylos the philosopher
                   (Terry Pratchett, Hogfather)

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