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[SLUG] USB Modems.


I am quite new to this group but I am committed to operating in a Microsoft free environment. I just have a few problems.

This is my system: AMD 333mhz, 256Mb ram, 2 X 13gig hdd, CDROM, CDRW, USB modem, USB FM radio, PCI TV & Capture card, Cordless mouse, USB web cam, HP Jornada 420 PDA, TNT2 pro, Creative 64 sound, 100+ Base eathernet card, 8 port 100+ hub, USB hub, 100 Mb zip drive, TD800 Tape drive, and a comms connection to my 600va UPS. I think that I covered it all.

Can I some how use my USB devices through Linux (Red Hat 7.1?) I really need my modem and my zip drive working. I did find out how to get the zip drive working...but misplaced the printout.

Can anyone please help me to get my USB modem working. It's an Acer 56 USB.



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