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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

DaZZa wrote:

> It's specifically a Linux job, and the money offered isn't _too_ bad.
> Anyone who wants to bitch about it can bite me - flames will go to
> /dev/null. That includes you, Terry.

Well,  I'm posting the reasons why I think it is inappropriate for
posting to Slug.

1 - It doesn't come from a Slugger. What has Parker Bridge ever done for

2 - We can not be certain the the job really exists 

Agencies often post non-existant jobs to collect resumes or oter

This advert could be being used to cut someone's salary/conditions -
employee asks for raise - boss asks agency to find if soneone will take
position at lower wage - someone expresses interest - agency says
"plenty of people for that position". Boss says tough, no raise and we
cut conditions. Agencies admit that this is a regular occurrence.

3 - If you received it in a "daily bundle", then just tell people how to
subscribe to that "daily bundle" and those who are not interested in
jobs do not have to receive it.

You know that saying; give someone fish and you create dependancy. Show
them how to fish and you give them food for life. Well teaching people
how to fish is the Linux way.

4. - We would be inundated with job postings. Jobnet has over 10
permanent Linux positions and at least one contract linux position
today. We don't want that sort of stuff posted all the time

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