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[SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

Please note - I am NOT involved in this in any way, except that I had it
sent to me in my daily bundle. I get no kickbacks, payment, referral
bonus, pats on the back, handshakes or any other kind of inducement for
posting this and having someone land the job. I don't work for an
employment agency, specifically I don't work for the agency mentioned in
the ad. In short, I just thought someone here might be looking for Linux
work, and forwarded it.

It's specifically a Linux job, and the money offered isn't _too_ bad.

Anyone who wants to bitch about it can bite me - flames will go to
/dev/null. That includes you, Terry.

*************** Job 19 ***************

Title:           Linux Systems Administrator
Location:        Sydney
Advertiser:      Parker Bridge
Date Posted:     05 Jun 2001
Description:     Linux, Linux come on..........
Get the full details of this job, here :


The info is in the ad. Note that seek.com.au requires frames, so viewing
it through lynx won't work - which sucks a bit, but such is life.


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