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Re: [SLUG] Where to get Agenda PDAs ?

<quote who="Jon Biddell">

> Not wishing to piss on Anthony's parade, but I had a look at the Agenda 
> developers site today, and they have a "special" white & blue model with 16Mb 
> RAM, 8Mb "flash", and a few utilities that you can get for $179USD.

I'm assuming that this is the one Anthony would order in, as no SLUGger (in
their right mind) would want a boring unhackable one. :)

> Maybe Catie Flick can shed some light on what the beast is actually like ,
> being the only person in The Known Universe (i.e. Sydney) that has one
> that I am aware of.

She shed quite a lot of light on this at the meeting, and her notes are on
her web page. See the SLUG site (or the email I sent earlier in the month)
for a review and link.

[ My review -> any device smaller than a notebook for which you can rebuild
the entire software base from the ground up has to rock; and this one runs
my favourite OS. The two times I had a little tinker with Catie's were
interesting enough, without even getting my hands dirty. ]

- Jeff

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                             - Linus Torvalds.                              

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