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Re: [SLUG] Where to get Agenda PDAs ?

On Mon,  4 Jun 2001 12:31, you wrote:
> Hi All,
> It time for me to buy a new pda and being the good penguin lover that I
> am, I'm trying to find a local (Sydney) re-seller for the Agenda Vr3 PDAs.
> Does anyone know where these can be found in Oz ?

Not wishing to piss on Anthony's parade, but I had a look at the Agenda 
developers site today, and they have a "special" white & blue model with 16Mb 
RAM, 8Mb "flash", and a few utilities that you can get for $179USD.

Problem is many of the reviews I was able to find on this say that the 
company has serious problems, should not have released the PDA so soon, etc. 

Maybe Catie Flick can shed some light on what the beast is actually like , 
being the only person in The Known Universe (i.e. Sydney) that has one that I 
am aware of.


P.S. MITAC computers has a very nice looking Linux PDA about to be released, 
and Agenda has the VR5 as well.... 


"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to using
Microsoft products for mission-critical applications"
			     (What Yoda really meant to say)

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