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Re: [SLUG] WFWG clients - How

Terry Collins wrote:
> I am looking to retire my Novell 4.11 server but still need to provide
> file and print services to two WFWG clients, which will be naturally off
> a linux server.
> Is anyone still doing this and how?

I have recently retired a Nivell 3.12 server and set up a simple RedHat
server in its place. It serves six different CDs to an array of WFWG
3.11, win95, win98SE, NT4 and win2k machines. The printers have been
distributed about the network and all works well under samba. I am a
beginner when it comes to samba (and NT4 and win2k) and I found it easy.
Just follow the docs.

Stay well and happy

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