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Re: [SLUG] kdelibs in sid currently broken, 2.4.5?

On Tue, Jun 05, 2001 at 07:42:50PM +1000, getadog wrote:

> Do you have a swap size 2 times your ram?


i found this proposition a bit ridiculous to begin with,
although maybe now i'll have my head bitten off for it :).

i run a reasonably basic system, and before installing Debian on
my laptop, it had 128mb of RAM and _no_ swap, which was more than
enough to accommodate everything.  performance in 2.4.5 was so
bizarre that i've gone back to 2.4.2 for the time being -- mind
you, this is 2.4.5 with a few other patches applied (like
Netraverse's win4lin patches), but i don't think they'd be so
drastic as to affect the performance of the VM system.

and since i'm running a laptop, there is _no_ way i'm going to
dedicate 512MB of precious laptop HD space for a swapfile,
especially since i've run on 128MB of RAM with no swap for > 6
months with no problem.

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