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[SLUG] kdelibs in sid currently broken, 2.4.5?

hey guys,

just thought i'd mention that if you're running sid, updating to
kdelibs3 at the moment isn't the best idea.  kdeinit is barfing
and chewing up all memory before being killed by the OOM killer
(if you're lucky). i dunno if this is related to kdeinit itself,
the other KDE libraries, libc++, or libqt2, or something else. 
but stay away from it if you need a working Konquerer.

as always, Your Kilomet^WMileage May Vary.

on another note, has anybody else found that 2.4.5 is playing
weird memory games with the swapfile and is generally pretty
unstable?  i managed to completely freeze it just by running
'Eterm -fn 9x15' (which is actually an invalid parameter now.)

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