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[SLUG] Printer setup


I am trying to setup a postscript laser and am not getting very far. I
have tried to setup /etc/printcap using both magicfilter and
apsfilter, and when I send a job, nothing happens.

This is on a home lan, using debian.

One thing I have noticed: I tried using a program called webmin, under
'printer configuration', it had various settings for printing. Two of
these were:
      1. Accepting requests
      2. Printing enabled

Both of these were set to no, and regardless of how many times I
clicked yes, the changes were not saved as such.

Please, any suggestions would be welcome


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#	@nospam.(#)etc.printcap	5.2 (Berkeley) 5/5/88
# This file was generated by /usr/sbin/magicfilterconfig.
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