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Re: [SLUG] Spend time working around bugs!

On Tue, Jun 05, 2001 at 03:02:27PM +1000, Ian Ward wrote:
> > Now _THAT_ is innovation!  Don't worry about fixing the bugs, write a
> > whole new system to work around it.
> > http://www.microsoft.com/office/evaluation/fastfacts.htm

Well I had to use Windows and use IE Explorer to read it. 
Netscape 4.7 on IRIX and Linux shows a top title section and a blank
content. Just nice plain white space. I have to kill Netscape as the
File/Close won't work. But at least on Unix I can kill it. On Windows
netscape hangs on this page and can't kill it - have to reboot.
But it displays fine on Explorer :-) 

Ah Mike, read the code and see why! 
Good Idea :-) 
Oh my God! 

But did have a good use for Linux today. Someone sent a uuencoded Word Doc to
me and M$ Word thought it was in a different character set :-) Couldn't work
it out at all. A few minutes later in Linux; apt-get install sharutils;
uudecode word.doc; cp word.doc /dos/temp ... and Word reads it fine.

Good day for overcoming obstacles. Try a steeplechase.

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