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Re: [SLUG] Upgrading to RH 7.1

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Jin Ting Liew wrote:

> thinking of upgrading to RH 7.1 which of course has the new 2.4
> kernel.  Will ipchains still function correctly (or should i say in
> the same way) under 2.4 and RH 7.1?  This is just in case implementing

Yes.  There are backward compatibility modules available, which understand
the old ipchains system and make it work properly.  I highly recommend
iptables, just for the cool, fun stuff it can do, and because port
forwarding and all that stuff is now in the same subsystem as the pure
firewall code.

> the routing tables in 2.4 takes a lot of fiddling (or if I give up in
> the end = ).

If you want help with the 2.4 iptables stuff, mail here and I (and probably
others too) will help.  2.4 is cool.

> I suppose I can always keep the old kernel there and boot into it if I
> need to, but does RH 7.1 overwrite anything that's necessary for
> ipchains to function?

<shrug>  Probably not, since the binary names have changed.  YMMV, I'm a

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Matthew Palmer

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