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Re: [SLUG] Controlling RH7.1 from command line

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>From: Adam Armstrong
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>Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 11:07 AM
>Subject: [SLUG] Controlling RH7.1 from command line

I agree this is becoming more difficult.  The thing to remember is the
consistent structure across the versions.

Example: PPP config,  the script pairs /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ [
ifcfg-ppp0 and chat-ppp0 ] from a 6.x system will still work on a RH7.x even
though the 7.X now users wvdial (dropping the chat-ppp0 script)

Printer config is the same.

One way around this problem is to rip those config files from another box.

I see you are using ssh.  The way I get around this problem is to use the
X11 forwarding in ssh.  If you allow X11 forwarding then when you launch the
configuration tool from the command line it will be forwarded back through
ssh to your local X display.   (ssh should set your DISPLAY variable to
"localhost:10.0" )

Regarding your printer, The standard RH Samba config will share any system
printer, so yes you just need to setup a printer in RH and then reload
samba.  The affected files are /etc/printcap and

Try setting up X11 forwarding in ssh, it will be worth the effort.


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