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Re: [SLUG] Spam creaping through

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 10:40:07PM +1000, Tony Green wrote:

> * This one time, at band camp, John Ferlito said:
> > MAIL FROM:<> is for bounce messages. Dont block them as this violates
> > RFC 1123
> > (and more to the point, will cause lots of us here to block your
> > mailserver).
> Out of interest, I thought RedHat users would be interested to know that
> liloconf causes this to break.  I have a RedHat server (6.2 YMMV) at

Simple solution:

    rpm -e linuxconf


> What *is* linuxconf?
A security hole with a point-and-click interface.
            -- Steve Sobol

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