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Re: [SLUG] Where to get Agenda PDAs ?

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> > It time for me to buy a new pda and being the good penguin lover that I
> > am, I'm trying to find a local (Sydney) re-seller for the Agenda Vr3 PDAs.
> Anthony Rumble is yelling at them as loudly as he can to get them in, and
> I'm pretty sure he'd be the first man on the bandwagon for these. He did
> mention at the last meeting that if he could get in touch, he'd order a
> bunch for SLUGgers.
> Anthony, any update on the Agenda stuff?
> [ Otherwise, it's evil expensive shipping, that I'm glad I narrowly missed
> out on paying. ]

Wierd things be happening with Agenda.. They wont return my calls, email,
faxs or anything.. No one is EVER answering their phone.. Wierd stuff.

I will try again tonight, and beat up their customer service department
for more information...


My cat mentioned that he heard on the sniff-trail that Sharp may be
sniffing them out... What for is not known..
One thing I do know, is that Sharp are launching their x86/Lineo based PDA
very soon..
They could be buying them for mindshare, developers, or perhaps to dump
and trash them.. who knows..


Hopefully tonight, I will be able to get to the bottom of it.

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