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Re: [SLUG] Kernel sources

Ken Foskey wrote:
> The weirdest thing happened, installed second network card (PCI) and my
> video totally stopped working,  replaced with new card.  Not even the
> boot up screen appears,  the X signon does appear but the mouse is a
> block and only half screen.  I have removed ALL cards from the box
> rebooted,  Held the Insert key while booting, flushes CMOS apparently.
> Does anyone have any guesses on this problem.  (AOpen motherboard.)

I don't know the Aopen motherboards, but on Asus I have found that PCI
slot order can make a difference, particularly when you start filling
slots. I vaguely remember something on some early Pentium motherboards
only running proper control on the first three PCI slots.

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