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[SLUG] Kernel sources

My video has died on my main box so I cannot move to Debian. It works 
fine as an X server so my trusty 486 is running everything.

The weirdest thing happened, installed second network card (PCI) and my 
video totally stopped working,  replaced with new card.  Not even the 
boot up screen appears,  the X signon does appear but the mouse is a 
block and only half screen.  I have removed ALL cards from the box 
rebooted,  Held the Insert key while booting, flushes CMOS apparently. 
Does anyone have any guesses on this problem.  (AOpen motherboard.)

Given the above,  I have a blank 20 Gig, Debian potato and an old P100. 
  How can I set this up as an X client and then I can drop it into the 
'black' box and have it just work like magic.  Not the software settings 
for making this work more the feasability of dropping the HD into 
another box and expecting it too work?


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