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[SLUG] OT - linux job

Hi All,
Sorry for the OT post.
We would be interested in receiving resumes for a new level 2 position we
are planning on creating. The duties of the position include:
*) Linux server builds, installs and admin
*) Linux firewall builds, installs and admin
*) Evilware server builds, installs and admin
*) Network, LAN/WAN and internet support
*) End user support, predominately on Evilware clients (Win9x,NT,2K,Office
*) Development work on predominately linux based projects
Skills we are interested in include:
*) general PC/server knowledge
*) Linux capabilities
*) Evilware capabilities
*) Network capabilities
*) Coding of any flavour
*) Internet/Security skills
*) IT support experience
*) Presentability
*) Personality/Social skills
*) Quake 3 capabilities
*) Time management skills
*) Other relevant skills/qualifications
Yes this is a big list - we don't expect full competence in all areas and
training will be provided where necessary. Salary will be negotiated based
on experience etc. Don't expect a fortune. At least the development work is
interesting. ;) 
The company is a small network consulting organisation and the office is in
North Sydney. 
Please email your details when convenient. 

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