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Re: [SLUG] (no subject) ... and learn to use the subject field!!!

On Saturday 02 June 2001 22:50, Brian Hunt wrote:
> Hi
> I'm running RedHat Linux V7.0 and after I boot up and get the login shell I
> get the following message continually and can't login or do anything. Does
> anyone know what it means?
> Does anyone know what VM stands for and does it relate to the VM in
> vmlinux?
> VM: killing process .syslogd
> VM: killing process .identd
> VM: killing process .httpd
> etc
> Thanks in advance
> Brian

Possibly helpful:  Boot in single user mode and inspect /etc/inittab (if you 
are using LILO, then right after the LILO: prompt type in "linux -S"  you'll 
have about 5 seconds.)

Make sure that you are going to runlevel 3 (read the notes in the file...)


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