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Re: [SLUG] Filesystem Wars (was SLUG Pastimes)

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 07:12:19 +1000, John Ferlito wrote:

> 	Since we're discussing this anyway how good is the journalling
> anway on either xfs or reiserfs. I'm in the middle of building an mp3
> player for my car, might do a talk on it when I'm done. Anyway I don't
> want to go to the effort of hacking together some circtry to auto
> shutdown when it loses 12V from the iginition etc etc. 

as Jeff said, journalling is great.  turn off your computer,
turn it back on, and even on my 60GB partition, journal replay
only takes a few seconds.

> 	Basically should I be able to maintain filesystem integrity. My
> other option is to mount everything read only I could probably get away
> with it but it's just a hassle and I'd rather not.

no need to mount RO.

you probably know this, but be aware that journalling is for
metadata consistency only; it's still not possible to turn your
computer off in the middle of a file copy and expect that the
copy will be in a sane state.  reiser, XFS, ext3 nor JFS will
be able to do that.  but that's far less important than the
metadata journaling since you will be sure the file system
itself will be in a sane state.

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