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Re: [SLUG] SLUG Pastimes

This one time, at band camp, Andre Pang said:
>reiserfs works well for me.  i've been using it for a very long
>time and have never suffered data loss because of it, even in
>its early days.

I run a 28G disk, one partition, all reiser.  I created the filesystem
back in 2.2.18, with the relevant reiserfs patch, and all was great.

I'm now using the same disk under 2.4.3, and some corruption has arrived

The ends of some filenames contain unprintable characters, and the
filesystem code doesn't seem to like it very much -- the files exist and
contain data, they show up in an ls, but they can't be accessed; stat(),
unlink() and open() all fail with a file-not-found.

>personally, i'd think that reiserfs is far more stable than XFS,

I have a feeling it's because of a small change in the later code... I
can't be sure tho.

In any case, the next disk I get will be getting XFS on it.  Time for
some fs duels.

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